World Population Day 2018 Quotes

World Population Day is an annual event, celebrated on 11th July of every year. The main Motto of world population day is to raise public awareness among people on various issues such as Family planning, gender equality or human rights. In our country, the population is increasing day by day at a high rate. So Dr. KC ZAchariah suggested this day for world population day. This event is established by the Governing Council of the United Nations development programme. On Feb 6,2016, the world population had reached 7,500,000,000. The world population increased by 100 million approximately every 14 months.

The world population increased by 100 million approximately every 14 months. Due to population explosion, there increase in the price of the commodity. In fact, People are suffering from the poverty, unemployment, sustainability, and rise in the level of deforestation. Due to overpopulation, people fall ill and that increases the demand for the doctor in our country but if we do proper yoga and exercise it decrease the chance of illness.

On this day different nations of the world are celebrating this day with different themes. So if you’re looking for World population day quotes, Wishes, Posters, Images & Slogans then you’re at the right place. Here is the collection of World Population posters to share with your friends and family to raise awareness among in society. We also collected different SMS of world population day 2018, greetings, creative pictures so you can download these images and posters for free.

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World Population Day Images2018
World Population Day Images

So, on this population day, our aim should be to raise public awareness among people how to control population or benefits of family planning. Here are some of the famous images, posters, and quotes that you can use to raise awareness among people on this population day.

World Population Day 2018 Poster Images-

world population day gif images hd
world population wishes for mobile
World Population day images quotes
Plan Your Family Plans Your Future-World Population day images quotes.
world population day 2018
world population day 2018 Hd images

11th July World Population Day
11th July World Population Day

World Population Day 2018 Quotes-

“In order to stabilize world population,

We must eliminate 350,000 per day.”- Jacques Yves Cousteau

“A finite world can support only a finite Population; Therefore, Population

growth must eventually equal zero.”- Garrett Hardin”

“Population, when unchecked, Goes on doubling itself every 25 years or increase in a geometrical ratio.”-Thomas Malthus

World population day messages
World Population day quotes
world population day slogans
best slogans for world population day

world poulation day women example
world population day quotes images 2018

World Population Day 2018 Slogan Quotes-

  1. Join the campaign to have enough space to live on the earth.

  2. It is difficult to reduce the population however not impossible.

  3. Two people make a company but three people a crowd.

  4. Reduce the crowd over the earth for better future.

  5. Lower down the burden of the earth by controlling the population.

  6. Birth control is the blessing to get control over increasing population.

So that’s it for the World Population Day 2018.  Hope you like these world population day quotes, slogans, images, posters and messages 2018. Aware people about Population by sharing images on WhatsApp or Facebook If you like the photo gallery of national Population day images then don’t forget to share our website.

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