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Hindu God or Hindu Deities-Hinduism is one of the biggest, dominant and original religion of the Indian people(Indian Subcontinent). The Hinduism is made up of three major traditions, these are Saivism, Brahmanism, Vaishnavism & Shaktism. The followers of these are Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu & Shakti (also known as Devi) the supreme deity respectively.

God is said to be the Supreme Being in the universe. In each religious books like Bible, Bhagavad Gita & Qur’an, they refer there is only one supreme being in the world that created this world. God is the principal object of faith for the humans.

In Hinduism, more than 330 million God & Goddesses are worshipped. God in Hinduism is referred to as Deva and Devi. From the Vedic era, God in Hinduism is evolved.

God Images

The most popular God & Goddesses in Hinduism that worshipped are Lord Brahma, Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Devi Lakshmi (Maa Lakshmi), Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Devi Durga (Maa Durga), Devi Saraswati (Maa Saraswati), Lord Hanuman & Sai Baba.

According to the Christianity, the main God for them is Jesus Christ. Jesus is the Christ (Messiah) foretold in the Old Testament and the Son of God Incarnate.

So today we will be sharing the images of Popular Hindu Gods & Goddesses, Jesus Images which you can share with your family & friends. You can also download these popular God Images, photos & HD wallpapers on your phone.

Hindu God Images, Photos & HD Wallpapers

Happy Janmashtami Images

Lord Krishna is one of the supreme God in the Hindu religion. Krishna is a child, brother, charioteer, warrior, disciple, guru, cowherd, messenger & beloved of gopis.

Radha Krishna Photos

Throughout his life, Lord Krishna plays so many roles. He is the God of Compassion, love, and kindness in Hinduism or Hindu religion. So share the Lord Krishna Images, photos & HD wallpapers with your friends.

Lord Brahma is one of the Holy Trinity, he is known as the creator of this world according to Hindu Mythology. In the beginning, Lord Brahma sprang from the Cosmic Golden egg. Then he created the good & evil, light & dark from his own person. Lord Brahma then created Gods, Demons, Ancestors & Men (the first being Manu). Lord Brahma created women, the source of evil amongst men according to the myths told in Mahabharata. Share Lord Brahma Images, photos and HD Wallpapers.

Hanuman wallpaper with Rama And Laxman

Lord Hanuman is one of the most worshipped God among youths who wish to gain courage and strength in their life. In Hindu mythology, Pawanputra Hanuman was an incarnation of Lord Shiva and known as an exemplification of strength, devotion & perseverance.

Lord Ganesh Wallpaper

Lord Rama is also known as Ram or Ramchandra in Hinduism. He is the seventh avatar of the Hindu God Vishnu. Lord Rama is considered to be the ideal man and a perfect human not only physically but mentally and spiritually.

Lord Vishnu is also one of the supreme Deity and God in the Hindu religion. A crown adorns his head, this crown shows his supreme authority. Lord Vishnu rests on Ananta, an immortal and infinite snake.

Lord Ganesha is given sovereignty or control over the Ganas, which is a general term denoting for all classes of beings, that ranging from insects, animals & humans to the celestial beings.

Lakhshmi God Photos

Maa Lakshmi is one of the well known Hindu Goddesses of wealth, abundance & fertility. On the festival of Deepawali, Maa Lakshmi is worshiped. It is said that on the night of this festival most clean and beautiful house is selected by the Lakshmi.


Lord Shiva God Images

Devi Parvati or Goddesses Parvati is one of the Tridevi. Parvati is also known as the Gauri. She is the wife of Lord Shiva and mother of Lord Ganesha & Kumar.

Maa Parvati was born as a mortal to Parvat Raj Himalaya. Due to her devotion and constant penance, she was able to gain the full power of Shakti and become one of the most revered Goddesses.

Lord Hanuman once applied Sindoor all over his body for Lord Rama’s long life to prove his love. The name of Lord Hanuman means disfigured jaw in Sanskrit. Share Lord Hanuman (Pawanputra) Images, photos & HD wallpapers.

Lord Indra Wallpaper

Lord Buddha is also known as the Siddhartha or The Enlightened One. He was a prince who forsook the comforts of a palace to seek the enlightenment. 

God Brahma Images

Lord Buddha realize the essential unreality of the world & experienced the bliss of Nirvana. Buddha spent the remainder of his life teaching to others and teach how to escape the endless cycle of birth and death. Share Lord Buddha images, photos & HD wallpapers.

Lord Ganesha is also worshipped in countries like Sri Lanka, Thailand & Nepal with the same enthusiasm. Share Lord Ganesha images, photos & HD wallpapers.

Lord Saraswati Images

Maa Saraswati is the Hindu Goddesses of Wisdom, music & learning. Devi Saraswati is the wife of Lord Brahma and also known as Sharada. Shee is one of the Holy Goddesses among Tridevi.

Hindu God Lord Rama is the hero of one of the most well known and cherished books of Indian Culture: The Ramayana. Share Lord Rama images, photos & HD wallpapers.

Parvati is known as the caring and motherly representation of Shakti. She was riding on Lion or Tiger. Share Devi Parvati Images, photos, and HD wallpaper.

Rama bows were considered so powerful that it could wipe out an entire army. It is believed that Lord Rama was lived 1.2 million years ago in the Treta Yuga. Trough the text is dated 4th to 7th BC.

Lord Ganesh or Lord Ganesha is the son of the two main supreme God and Goddesses of Hindu religion Mata Parvati & Lord Shiva. God Ganesha is one of the most worshipped God in the Hinduism.

Lord Shiva and Ganesh Photos

Lord Shiva is one of the supreme God or Deity in the Hinduism. In Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva is known as the destroyer & most important God in the Holy Trinity.

Budha Photos

Maa Kali or Devi Kali is the fierce representation of Shakti. Devi Kali is well known as destroyer or the one who set free the souls and provides moksha. She is the incarnation of Maa Parvati/Durga.

Lord Indra is one of the most powerful Hindu God that known as the God of Rain & Thunder. Lord is also King of God and ruler of heaven. He wields a weapon known as Vajra that is made up of bones. Indra used celestial white elephant used for riding.

Shiva always fascinated his followers by his unique appearance among all other Gods. His body has ash-smeared, snake coiled up around his head.

He is one of the Holy Trinity. Lord Vishnu is also known as the preserver. In Hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu is said to be the protector of this world. Share Lord Visnu Images, photos & HD wallpapers.

Lord Shiva has three eyes, the third eye is said to be most dangerous when this eyes open who stand in front of that eyes were killed. Share Lore Shiva HD images, photos & wallpapers.

Devi Kali was born to kill Demon Raktabeech. She cut Raktabeech head and fill her bowl with his blood and drink it. Maa Kali continued doing this, so as a result became very angry and destructive. To calm her down, her husband Lord Shiva lay down to her feet. Share Maa Kali images, photos & HD wallpaper.

Maa Lakshmi is also the representation of honor, joy & glory. She is the wife of Lord Vishnu and reincarnates alongside her consort on earth. Devi Lakshmi riding on the owl and the white elephant Airawat. Share Devi Lakshmi Images, photos & HD wallpaper.

She riding on the swan or goose. She wields a musical instrument known as Veena in her hands.

Lord Yama is one of the most powerful God of Hinduism. He is the Hindu God of death and most worshiped God in South India. In Srivanchiyam, Tamilnadu, there is the only temple of Yama.

Yama is also known as Yamraj. Not only Hindu but Chinese, Japanese & 7 Sikh Community also believe in Yama. Lord Yama is the King of Ancestors, Restrainer, Pretaraja or Kings of Ghosts and final judge on the destination of souls. Share Lord Yama images, photos & HD Wallpaper.

Lord Indra is worshiped in Buddhism, Jainism & others. Lord Indra is known as Guardian deity in Buddhism. In the Sanskrit Epic Mahabharata, Indra is the father of Arjuna. Share Lord Indra Images, photos & HD wallpapers.

Many followers wake up early in the morning and pay homage to temples for hoping to be blessed with wisdom and knowledge. On the first day of Basant Panchami, Saraswati Puja is held. Share Goddesses Saraswati Images, photos & HD wallpapers.

So that’s the full collection of different God Images HD. We include different gods photos i.e. Lord Shiva, Indra, Lord Krishna and many others. We also added different goddess images i.e. Maa Durga, Maa Saraswati and many more. So download these God Images, photos, and wallpaper for desktop and mobiles.

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