Future Maker Company Scam: How to get your money back the update-Future maker latest update-How to Get your Future Maker money back official confirmation-From the last 1 months, the Future maker is trending all over the Internet. People invest their money to earn online money but all things are the scam. Radheshyam Bishnoi was arrested by Up Telangana Police. People gathered at several places to get their money back and to release Radheshyam Bishnoi ( Director of Future Maker) so that they get their money back. As we all know Future maker is a well-known company who works for more than years in the city of Hisar. It is commonly known for its well-settled business and but now this company stands in the court for a fraud of money to ample of people.

Why Is Future Maker Scam In the Media?

Telangana Police has been receiving many complaints against Future Maker Global Marketing Company. So, they decide to raid on this company last Friday in the Red Square Market, Hisar. After this, he raided the company’s Red Square Market on Friday last week. It is alleged that this company cheated about Rs 1200 crore from people by giving a lure of investment and a big advantage instead. Next is to get your future maker money in some steps.

Future Maker
Future Maker

How to Get Money From Future Maker-Latest Update-

After the closing of the company, people are under stress because they invest lakhs of money in the future maker company in believing that gets their money with some extra margin. But, now the scenario is different, they all want their money back. So there is no official confirmation from Radheyshyam Bishnoi but as per the source, it is said that from next week the company starts to give the payout to all members. Hope for the best to get money the latter updates.

How the scandal reveals-

The Chit fund scam involving Haryana’s Hissar district has been exposed by the Telangana Police. He took action against the accused company ‘Future Maker’ in Hisar. There are allegations by the company that he has given money to many people by giving various kinds of mischief. According to media reports, this chit fund scam is about Rs. 1200 crores.

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