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Captain Marvel Wallpapers – Captain Marvel is a superhero character. The real name of Captain Marvel is Carol Danvers. She is also known as Miss Marvel. Captain Marvel or Carol Danvers entered the Air Force when she was graduating from high school. Her interest regarding aircraft pursues her to join the Air Force. She has a dream of flying. Miss Marvel was a top student in the Air Force Academy that helps her to get a Major rank easily. Due to her stellar performance and great fighting skills with natural intellect, she was recruited into the intelligence field. Like Star wars movie, captain marvel is sci-fi movie which has high action.

Captain Marvel 2019 Brie Larson Hd Trailer First Look

Finally, she was ended up working with CIA and during this time she met and worked with Avengers’ head Nick Fury. While working with Nick Fury, she was partnered with Colonel Michael Rossi & these two became lovers. Miss Marvel had a different career in the CIA.

If we are talking about the Caption Marvel movie that was released sooner. In this movie, Brie Larson acts as Captain Marvel. She is a wonderful actress, her work in the trailer of the movie looks wonderful. Here is the best collection of Caption Marvel Brie Larson Wallpaper Pictures or Miss Marvel Images. You can Share these amazing Movies Miss Captain Marvel Wallpapers and background images with your family and friends.

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Captain Marvel wallpaper
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Her current power includes flight, enhanced strength, durability and the ability to shoot concussive energy bursts from her hands.

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captain marvel movie wallpaper
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Captain marvel brie larson
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How Miss Marvel get her Powers?

This is one of the biggest questions regarding Miss Marvel Power gaining. Here is the answer. After accidentally meeting with the Kree hero Caption Marvel. Carol Danvers was accidentally subjected to otherworldly radiation that transformed her into a superhuman warrior. She became one of the most powerful and prominent heroes both as a solo heroine and as a member of the Avengers. She was called by the name of Ms. Marvel.


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Captain Marvel is a skilled pilot and a good hand to hand combatant (Fighter). She was affiliated with groups like Avengers, Formerly Queen’s Vengeance & Starjammers.

captain marvel comic
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hd wallpaper captain marvel
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So that’s it for the Captain Marvel wallpapers HD. Hope you like Captain marvel movie HD Wallpaper Wallpapers and Barie Larson Captain marvel movie photos, Images, photos, desktop backgrounds for HD, 4K, 1080p and more resolution for computers and mobiles. If you like the photo gallery of captain marvel background images then don’t forget to share our website.

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