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Hello, friends are you looking for Bleach Wallpaper which is a famous anime series on Japan. Like Tokyo Ghoul or Naruto Anime, this anime is most popular in the world. Download now here Bleach latest HD wallpapers and background images for free downloads. Top Bleach Background & Images best new stylish pictures and images collection for free downloads. Most Famous Anime Series Bleach characters new hd wallpapers images gallery in high resolution. Bleach High-Resolution Background HD photo shoot images and photos collection.  bleach one of the best Anime TV Series.

It is the anime that define the line between the living and the dead. The main protagonist Ichigo Kurosaki acquires the power of a “soul reaper or grim reaper or shinigami”. Ichigo is dragged into an adventure and a world filled with the magical monster out of this world. He is fighting for his friends and family. Ichigo Kurosaki faces both physical and mental challenges in a world where the separation between the living and the dead no longer exists.

Ichigo gets his power from a grim reaper known as Rukia Kuchiki. His new power makes him defend humanity from evil spirits and departed souls to the afterlife. Ichigo then begins to destroying hollows in the place of Rukia Kuchiki. During this period his friends get aware of hollows and acquire the power of their own. Uryu Ishida is a Quincy, who can use spirit particles and attack on hollows. Orihime Inoue who fall in love with Ichigo Kurosaki possesses a group of protective spirits known as Shun Shun Rikka. These spirits do the work of protection and healing. Yasutora Sado has strength equal to the hollows encased in his both arms.

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After becoming a Soul Reaper, Ichigo flourishes a sword known as Zanpakutō. In his grim reaper form, he wears a shinigami attire, with the addition of a strap across his chest. Ichigo attains further power after knowing how to use his Bankai. The name of his Bankai is Tensa Zangetsu who gives him a much higher power than a normal Zanpakutō. Most powerful attack of his Bankai is Saigo no Getsuga Tenshō (The Final Moon Fang Heaven-Piercer). After this attack, he loses his all power as a soul reaper and become a normal human again.

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After defeating Aizen, his overall appearance does not change, but he becomes taller again and grows more. Now gaining new powers, seemingly caused by remaining energy from his Fullbring, Ichigo’s Shinigami attire consists of a thicker strap across his chest. He now has four black vertical lines on his forearms and black, tattoo-like bands crossing over his chest, wrists, and ankles. Similar bands, but with white ends, lie around his neck as collars. His new power is more powerful than his previous form.

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These pictures are one of the best pictures from all the collection of Anime Bleach Wallpaper. All the wallpapers of Bleach are given in this post. So download Bleach wallpapers, photos, and images with pictures HD for desktop, mobiles. Hope you like our post. 

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